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How to protect your plants from frost

How to protect your plants from frost

How to protect your plants from frostFrost, while common and natural, can be the bane of many gardeners who have planted their tender new plants, only to find that a frost, however severe or mild, is on its way. Even the lightest touch of frost can severely damage many spring plants. But you needn’t fear, as in here you will learn how to protect your plants from frost. Many of the methods below can be done by yourself at homes, or you can hire a landscaping service or a landscaping company to assist you in your endeavors.One of the first and most common things you can do is simply cover your plants with anything ranging from an old blanket, to a plastic bag. To use, loosely drape coverings over the plants in question. For lighter materials, such as plastic, simply draping them is sufficient. For heavier materials, or larger, more delicate plants, support beams may be added to help hold the covering aloft. Another simple method is to water your plants a few days before the impending frost. One must be careful with this method though, as too much water can cause the soil to freeze and damage the plants.For hardier plants, you could mulch the ground with wood chips, pine needles, loose leaves, or hay. Mulch helps to lock in moisture and heat during cold weather. Considering that cold air settles in low dips and holes, you might also consider building raised beds to help guard against the frost. A good method for this would be to build a large wooden box that you would then fill with potting soil and place over the ground. You can get the materials for these methods at any landscaping company.Some plants, however, cannot handle the cold at all, and need to be overwintered, or sheltered more carefully from the cold. Often, this would entail taking potted plants inside, or setting them on a frost-free sun porch, but that’s not always possible. For a plant that’s simply too large to bring inside for the winter, one might wonder how to protect your plants from frost. What you can do is build a cold frame around your plant out of wood, brick, or any number of materials. For this task, you may want to hire a landscaping service to assist you and ensure that your plants are properly insulated and covered.

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